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What is jWAY?

jWAY is the ultimate, competitive hopping game! 

With jWAY, players compete to take over the board to win. Which ever player has the most spaces claimed by the time the boards all filled up WINS!

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Player’s take turns at their shot to claim spaces on the jWAY track.

By hopping on one foot, to the jWAY in the middle, without breaking any jWAY rules such as, “no cracks or loss of balance,” a player may then choose a spot to claim by writing his or her initial in the space with a dry erase marker (included).

Players may land two feet in their claimed spaces allowing this space to become their “permanent resting spot” or “property” on the board- NO other player may land on these spaces besides the claimer.

Opposing players must jump over spaces claimed by another player – making it trickier as the game goes on!

Whats Inside?

jWAY Game (6′ x 6′ assembled)

Clear Carrying Case (2′ x 2′ x 4.5″ stored)

Black Dry Erase Marker

jWAY Game Rules, “Things to Know”

Suggested Activity Guide Poster

jWAY Permanent Board Stickers

JWAY Fun Facts!

jWAY was invented by a counselor who introduced it to kids at the Town of Amherst Recreation programs located in Amherst, NY- when she saw how much they loved it – she knew she had to make it real!

jWAY’s original design was sketched out on a piece of paper no bigger than 1 inch by 1 inch!

jWAY’s original prototype was created in a garage and started out as a painting on a mat with wooden puzzle pieces.

jWAY was called “Snail” before it became a real game (we like jWAY much better)!

“After watching a video on how the game is played, I immediately saw myriad benefits for youngsters who play the game. In an age of video game domination, jWAY is completely different and offers old school exercises with contemporary spins.”

QueenseyesBuffalo Rising

”There would be a line of twenty kids”…Curtis describes the game as a sort of “Monopoly of hopscotch” multi-player jumbo board game.”

Wendy Guild Swearingen
Wendy Guild SwearingenBuffalo Spree

“jWAY is an amazing, fun, interactive game that is great for any age and ability.  We introduced jWAY at our activity nights where we host over 200 middle school students every month and the kids keep lining up! It was an incredible addition to our night and we couldn’t be happier.”

Alan Laudico
Alan LaudicoAmherst Youth Foundation

“jWAY targets areas such as gross motor coordination, balance and core strength, following directions, problem solving, and social skills training. With jWAY, children are playing and developing key skills, which are imperative in becoming a happy, functional adult. jWAY is the future of pediatric OT.”

Gina PalumboOccupational Therapist

Who is it for?

jWAY is for everyone!

We designed jWAY to have alternative methods of play for students with special needs, involved in occupational therapy, physical therapy or for those who are just starting out in pre-k.

jWAY is meant for any player 5+

Physical Education, Recreation & After School Programs

Occupational Therapy Programs

Physical Therapy Programs

jWAY requires 2 or more players and has no limit to the amount of players per game

Perfect for indoor and outdoor activity

The benefits

A fun way to exercise

We know that the best way for kids to learn and be active is to have fun at the same time. jWAY promotes active recreation and provides opportunities for socializing with others while playing.

Strategy amongst players

jWAY targets the mind and body as players consider which spaces to choose, that not only benefit their position on the board, but also make it trickier for opponents.  Players must think strategically when choosing the most beneficial spaces.

Improved motor skills

Children who play jWAY improve their core balance and gross motor skills which encompass large movements of the entire body – specifically –  the feet, legs and core.

Social, Friendly competition

jWAY engages kids in social and friendly competition without physical contact. In fact, competitors encourage each other and congratulate one another when making it successfully to jWAY!


The ultimate, competitive hopping game!

Invented for you-and all the other fun kids on the block.

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